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Lifeline Expanse – A VST Effect Plugin

September 24, 2021
VST plugins
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The Lifeline series begins with Lifeline Expanse – an extensive and intuitive multi-effect that breathes life into any sound by adding character, space and width. 

Lifeline Expanse creates authenticity and realism by using intricate re-amping techniques. Re-amping is the process of taking an audio signal and playing it out in an environment. The signal is sent through amps, mics and effects to add colour, texture and depth, then re-recorded.

Lifeline Expanse distils this complex technique into a modern, sleek workflow that offers producers instant flexibility and control over every element. Rearrange the signal chain and delicately blend effects using each module’s main controls or the more focused under-the-hood functions.

Lifeline Expanse – An effect VST plugin


  • 5 Effects Modules
  • 20 Unique Algorithms
  • Multiband functionality
  • Rearrangeable Modular workflow
  • Resizeable UI
  • Zero Latency

Replicate Realism

Re-amping helps to shape sounds and draw out their unique character. Where producers and engineers once needed hours to set up studios to create ambience and realistic room tones, Expanse can instantly move microphones, switch amps and add effects to create a realistic ‘live’ environment in a few clicks.

Expanse has a versatile range of speaker emulations to experiment with, ranging from classic recording equipment to modern-day devices. From a Gameboy and vintage 8-track recorder to high definition monitors and an electric guitar cabinet, decades of audio authenticity is ready and waiting. You can easily manipulate the age, drive, tone and mix of each element to emphasize each device’s individual qualities.


  • 5 Effects Modules (Re-amp, Dirt, Format, Width & Space)
  • 20 Unique Algorithms (1024 different combinations)
  • Multiband functionality per module (For Gain and Effect processing)
  • Drag & Drop Modular workflow
  • Resizeable UI
  • 250 Presets
  • Zero Latency


  • Linkable Input/Output Gain Controls
  • Frequency Smoothing & Gain Safety control
  • Global Bypass
  • Low-Cut/Hi-Cut Filter
  • Dry/Wet Mix Control


  • 8 Speaker Emulations
  • Speaker Age control (With Adv. Multiband processing)
  • Speaker Size & Drive controls
  • Bass Separation control
  • Close Mic / Room Mic Distance & Blend controls
  • Output Gain, Tone, Dry/Wet Mix controls


  • 4 Saturation/Distortion algorithms
  • Drive control (With Adv. Multiband processing)
  • Frequency Smoothing & Dynamics Preservation control
  • Dry/Wet Mix, Output Gain & Tone controls


  • 4 audio resolution reduction algorithms
  • Crush control (With Adv. Multiband processing)
  • Frequency Smoothing & Noise generation controls
  • Dry/Wet Mix, Output Gain & Tone controls


  • 4 Stereo Width algorithms
  • Stereo control (With Adv. Multiband processing)
  • L/R Balance & Bass Mono controls
  • Phase correlation meter
  • Dry/Wet Mix, Output Gain & Tone controls


  • 4 Reverb algorithms
  • Reverb Time control (With Adv. Multiband processing)
  • Room Size, Predelay, Stereo width controls
  • Internal Sidechain ducking
  • Dry/Wet Mix, Output Gain & Tone controls

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